Natural skin care

body scrub, mud, bath salt

They say : microbead scrubs can be a hazard to the environment. Some are made of plastic polymers that don’t disintegrate.

We say : After you have revealed glowing skin through scrubbing with these plastic balls, they travel down the drain to eventually meet their fate at the bottom of the ocean.

They contaminate, don’t disintegrate, and marine life think they are food! I think in this case we can see how the environment and we can be effected by a simple beauty regimen. Well “they say” companies are slowly fazing out these balls we speak of. If we are using one of these products Should we stop exfoliating?

Key to a fuller life : We can continue to enjoy beautiful glowing skin while honoring our environment, and not killing our budget at the same time. We love coconut oil for everything! Mix it with sugar and your exfoliating! Two ingredients easy and smooth we will be!

Here are some recipes to help go beautiful naturally :


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